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Motion Control Technology of PLC Industrial Palletizing Robot

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DOI: 10.23977/autml.2022.030106 | Downloads: 107 | Views: 1306


Haifeng Guo 1, Yiyang Wang 1, Wenyi Li 1


1 Liaoning Institute of Science and Technology, Benxi, 117004, China

Corresponding Author

Haifeng Guo


With the advent of the new century, the level of industrial automation has improved significantly, and the application of robots has become more and more in-depth. As a typical representative of robots, palletizing robots are widely used in food, chemical, coal and other industries. This article aims to study the motion control technology of PLC industrial palletizing robots. First, the mechanism design of the palletizing robot is completed, and the type selection of the programmable controller (PLC), and secondly, the PLC program design of the palletizing robot is proposed. Apply the principle of PID parameter optimization. The functions and algorithms of the control software system can be continuously improved and perfected, using the work force of the palletizing robot to perform operations. At the same time, new control functions can be added to adapt to the motion control of other types of corporate robots, especially those that require continuous orbits. Analyzing the PID parameters of the stacking process and optimizing the Trio controller, the experimental results show that compared with the unoptimized palletizing, the palletizing optimization increases the handling rate of 400 packages per hour.


PLC Industry, Palletizing Robot, Motion Control, Control Technology


Haifeng Guo, Yiyang Wang, Wenyi Li, Motion Control Technology of PLC Industrial Palletizing Robot. Automation and Machine Learning (2022) Vol. 3: 38-43. DOI:


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