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Application of J.House Translation Quality Assessment Model in Corporation's Web Page Translation

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DOI: 10.23977/langta.2022.050106 | Downloads: 48 | Views: 1081


Cong Liu 1, Caihong Xie 1, Hongli He 1, Yanning Zhu 1, Juan Li 1, Chunfu Zhang 1


1 Department of Foreign Language, Hengyang Normal University, Hengyang City, China

Corresponding Author

Cong Liu


Translation quality has long been the focuses of translation studies, theoretical or practical. J.House's translation quality assessment (TQA) model is formed on the basis of professional theories with a complete parameter system, which is able to be performed in certain procedures, combining quantitative method suitably. And corporation's web page translation plays an increasingly important role in international trade with global economic integration. This paper applies House's translation theories in the corporation's web page translation, makes a comparative analysis of the original texts and the translated texts extracted from corporations' web page from the field, tenor and mode, based on which, the corporation's web page translation quality assessment can be conducted to facilitate the healthy and rapid development of web page translation market.


J. House's model, translation quality assessment, web page translation


Cong Liu, Caihong Xie, Hongli He, Yanning Zhu, Juan Li, Chunfu Zhang, Application of J.House Translation Quality Assessment Model in Corporation's Web Page Translation. Journal of Language Testing & Assessment (2022) Vol. 5: 60-64. DOI:


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