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Research on Industrial Competition and Public Policy Based on Mega Data

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DOI: 10.23977/jhrd.2021.030103 | Downloads: 6 | Views: 715


Ziyu Zhou 1, Ke HAN 2


1 Northeastern University's College of Business Administration, Shenyang, Liaoning 110169, China
2 Northeastern University School Of Humanities And Law, Shenyang, Liaoning 110169, China

Corresponding Author

Ziyu Zhou


With the coming of mega data era, public policy evaluation is also facing new opportunities and challenges. In order to meet challenges and overcome difficulties, the era of mega data needs to change thinking, update ideas and upgrade technology, so as to do a good job in public policy evaluation and improve the quality of public policies. Opportunities brought by the era of mega data include diversification of evaluation subjects, indirectness of evaluation methods, invisibility of evaluation behaviors and comprehensiveness of evaluation contents. Under the influence of “internet plus” technology wave, how to realize “Internet+government service” through the deep integration of Internet and government governance, and how to reshape the public policy model with the help of technical means represented by mega data, have gradually become important issues in government reform. This paper discusses the influence of the rise of mega data on public policy on the basis of combing the connotation and extension of mega data in detail, and analyzes the basis and specific coordination mechanism of the coordination between industrial policy and competition policy on the premise of giving priority to competition policy.


Industrial policy, Competition policy, Mega data


Ziyu Zhou, Ke HAN. Research on Industrial Competition and Public Policy Based on Mega Data. Journal of Human Resource Development (2021) 3: 15-19. DOI:


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