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Quality inspection personnel training and team construction research of power plant installation and construction units

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DOI: 10.23977/jhrd.2024.060217 | Downloads: 2 | Views: 81


Hailong Sheng 1


1 Hangzhou Yipu Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou, 310020, China

Corresponding Author

Hailong Sheng


With the rapid development of the energy industry and the continuous improvement of technological levels, the quality control requirements for power plant installation and construction are increasingly stringent, raising higher demands on the professional abilities and team development of quality inspection personnel. This study focuses on the training and team building of quality inspection personnel in power plant installation and construction units, aiming to explore effective methods to enhance the professional skills of quality inspectors and the overall efficacy of the team. Through an analysis of the current training systems and team building status of quality inspection personnel, this research proposes a series of innovative training models and team building strategies, including simulated training, on-the-job training, the establishment of competency assessment and certification mechanisms, as well as organizational structure optimization, career path design, and the development of a quality culture. The study demonstrates that by implementing these strategies, the professional skills of quality inspectors can be effectively enhanced, team cohesion and quality awareness can be strengthened, thereby improving the overall quality and efficiency of power plant installation and construction projects.


Power plant installation and construction; Quality inspector training; Team building; Simulated training; Competency assessment; Career development paths; Quality culture


Hailong Sheng, Quality inspection personnel training and team construction research of power plant installation and construction units. Journal of Human Resource Development (2024) Vol. 6: 134-140. DOI:


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