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Analysis of "Retention" and "Flow" of Talents in Enterprises—Taking Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises as an Example

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DOI: 10.23977/jhrd.2023.050610 | Downloads: 7 | Views: 216


Cheng Huiyu 1


1 Krirk University, Bangkok, Thailand

Corresponding Author

Cheng Huiyu


China's economy has improved significantly, technological reform and innovation, and a large number of enterprises have suffered serious staff turnover, which has exerted a very negative impact on the sustainable development of enterprises. In this situation, how to prevent the frequent outflow of employees and through what measures to retain employees, has become the modern enterprises need to focus on the issue. This paper adopts literature research, questionnaire survey and other methods to analyze the current situation and causes of employee turnover, and concludes that there are four aspects, one is that the enterprise's cultural construction system is not good enough; Second, the human resources development strength is small, the talent training work has the deficiency; The other two are that the effectiveness of incentive mechanism is low and the consciousness of talent development and training is obviously insufficient. In order to reduce the staff turnover rate, the corresponding solutions and countermeasures are put forward. The company should establish a training system with employees as the core and a reward mechanism based on the salary system. These methods and suggestions have certain reference value for strengthening recruitment publicity and establishing and improving the talent mechanism.


Small and medium-sized enterprises; Brain drain; Countermeasure research


Cheng Huiyu, Analysis of "Retention" and "Flow" of Talents in Enterprises—Taking Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises as an Example. Journal of Human Resource Development (2023) Vol. 5: 63-70. DOI:


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