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On Scientific Management and Training of Concert Band in Ordinary University

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DOI: 10.23977/aduhe.2022.040314 | Downloads: 12 | Views: 641


Zhou Yanbing 1,2, Kou Heung 3


1 Graduate School of Sehan University, Chonnam, 58447, Korea
2 Guangdong Medical University, Dongguan Guangdong, 523808, China
3 Department of Teaching Profession, Sehan University, Chonnam, 58447, Korea

Corresponding Author

Kou Heung


with the rapid development of public art education in Colleges and universities in China, art education in ordinary colleges and universities has made great progress. Instrumental music education is no longer regarded as unattainable. Music colleges and non music professional colleges have basically carried out instrumental music associations and other organizations. On this basis, the concert band is convenient for training because of its elegant specifications and rich liquidity, In the construction of orchestras, colleges and universities should strictly select members according to their musical talents and physical conditions, establish an orchestra system and certain reward and punishment measures. The wind orchestra should be subject to the curriculum, actively participate in various performances, competitions and concerts, ensure the hardware and software conditions of the orchestra, and scientific and orderly training and construction can continuously improve the performance level of orchestras in Colleges and universities.


Concert band, Construction, Training, Science education


Zhou Yanbing, Kou Heung, On Scientific Management and Training of Concert Band in Ordinary University. Adult and Higher Education (2022) Vol. 4: 68-74. DOI:


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