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Research on State Perception Method of Electrical Equipment in Substation

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DOI: 10.23977/jaip.2020.040207 | Downloads: 9 | Views: 216


Fan Yang 1,2, Weidong Kang 1, Wei Hou 1, Hao Gu 1


1 Anhui Nanrui Jiyuan Power Grid Technology Co., Ltd. , China
2 Anhui Qisheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. , China

Corresponding Author

Hao Gu


At present, the main online monitoring methods for converter stations are still traditional equipment online monitoring devices, which are mainly concentrated in converter transformers/station-use transformers, GIS equipment, cameras, etc. The reliability of the monitoring devices is not high, and the monitoring range Limited, the problem of insufficient sampling of equipment status features. This article proposes a new sensing technology research method for substation equipment, which integrates advanced technologies such as intelligent perception, artificial intelligence, big data, and three-dimensional inspections, which is suitable for converter transformers, station-use transformers, The state-sensing methods of electrical equipment such as step-up transformers and GIS equipment will be studied in detail, and a panoramic intelligent interconnected sensing system will be constructed to effectively improve the management efficiency and benefits of converter stations.


Online monitoring, State perception, Artificial intelligence, Edge iot agent


Fan Yang, Weidong Kang, Wei Hou, Hao Gu. Research on State Perception Method of Electrical Equipment in Substation. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Practice (2021) Vol. 4: 37-42. DOI:


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