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Analysis of spatial spillover effects of digital economy on agricultural and rural modernization

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DOI: 10.23977/agrfem.2023.060303 | Downloads: 25 | Views: 521


Jiatong Wang 1


1 Beijing Wuzi University, Beijing, 101149, China

Corresponding Author

Jiatong Wang


In this paper, the development level of digital economy and agricultural and rural modernization in different regions is measured by constructing an index evaluation system, and the spatial effect of digital economy development on agricultural and rural modernization is deeply studied. According to the research, the following conclusions are drawn: the development of digital economy can significantly improve the level of agricultural and rural modernization, and this promotion will not only drive the modernization of agricultural and rural areas in this region, but also have a positive impact on the modernization of agricultural and rural areas in surrounding areas. Therefore, we should actively improve the digital infrastructure construction in rural areas, vigorously promote the development of digital economy, and accelerate the digital transformation of traditional agriculture. Local governments should strengthen cooperation and exchanges with other regions, give full play to the spatial spillover effect of digital economy, and achieve high-quality development together with neighboring areas.


Digital economy; Agricultural and rural modernization; Spatial spillover effect


Jiatong Wang, Analysis of spatial spillover effects of digital economy on agricultural and rural modernization. Agricultural & Forestry Economics and Management (2023) Vol. 6: 14-21. DOI:


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