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The Enlightenment of American Patriotism Education to Our Country

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DOI: 10.23977/aduhe.2023.050820 | Downloads: 12 | Views: 528


Chen Gao 1, Qian Jiang 1, Yujuan Shi 1, Weijie Jiang 1, Xinyu Xie 1


1 Central South University of Forestry and Technology, Changsha, 410004, China

Corresponding Author

Chen Gao


We will contribute to the cause of patriotic education in our country by drawing on the experience of patriotic education in the United States, a country with a strong comprehensive national power. American patriotic education is permeated in general education, national consciousness, ideals and beliefs, and religious education. In terms of approaches, emphasis is placed on multi-channel education, implicit education, heuristic education and process evaluation. Drawing on its experience, heuristic teaching, subjectivity, emphasis on historical facts, and carrier innovation can be studied in depth.


America, Patriotic education, Experience learning


Chen Gao, Qian Jiang, Yujuan Shi, Weijie Jiang, Xinyu Xie, The Enlightenment of American Patriotism Education to Our Country. Adult and Higher Education (2023) Vol. 5: 149-155. DOI:


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