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Research on Teaching Practice of College English Writing Based on Blended Teaching

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DOI: 10.23977/curtm.2020.030205 | Downloads: 4 | Views: 257


Yin Wang 1, Yenan Li 1, Hongning Tian 1


1 The Office of Foreign Language Teaching and Research, Basic Department, Rocket Force University of Engineering, Xi’an, 710025, China

Corresponding Author

Yin Wang


With the rapid development of modern educational technology, English teaching mode has been unprecedentedly influenced. Blended teaching, a dynamic educational activity, reconstructs the English teaching mode. This thesis explores the practical feasibility of the blended teaching model in the college English writing, so as to provide references for teachers in other colleges and universities.


Process-genre approach, Blended teaching, English writing


Yin Wang, Yenan Li, Hongning Tian, Research on Teaching Practice of College English Writing Based on Blended Teaching. Curriculum and Teaching Methodology (2020) 3: 90-92. DOI:


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