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Study on the Influence of Internet Celebrity Economy on Consumption among College Students

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DOI: 10.23977/appep.2023.040109 | Downloads: 296 | Views: 2168


Chen Jisiyu 1


1 University of Liverpool, Liverpool, 999020, England

Corresponding Author

Chen Jisiyu


In recent years, the "internet celebrity economy", as an emerging business model sprouting from the development of "internet& economy", is flourishing and showing excellent vitality. As the most popular emerging group, college students have contributed a lot to the "internet celebrity economy", especially the live broadcasting industry, and even driven the surrounding groups subtly. In this paper, we analyze the development trend of live streaming industry from the perspective of "internet celebrity economy", and then lead to the analysis of the influence of live streaming industry on consumption behavior of college students, and propose relevant measures to solve the negative influence of live streaming.


Internet celebrity economy; livestreaming industry; college student consumption behavior


Chen Jisiyu, Study on the Influence of Internet Celebrity Economy on Consumption among College Students. Applied & Educational Psychology (2023) Vol. 4: 56-60. DOI:


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