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Study on Improving Liquor Yield of Potato Liquor Brewed by Liquid Method

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DOI: 10.23977/agrfem.2020.030104 | Downloads: 13 | Views: 1414


Shudong Zhao 1, Qiao Lin 1, Liuwei Yang 1, Yumei Zong 1, Dongmei Yan 1, Bangzhou Luo 1


1 Xichang University, xichang 615000, China

Corresponding Author

Qiao Lin


This experiment with potatoes, corn, buckwheat, oats, Angela could as raw material, adopts the traditional liquid liquor brewing process, using the single factor experiment design method, the control of a single variable, respectively, of the liquid in the process of brewing in the mash feed water ratio and the pH of the fermentation, fermentation time, fermentation temperature, yeast inoculation quantity, adding amount of these six aspects to explore the optimum conditions in the process of liquid potato liquor brewing. The results showed that the fermentation time and the ratio of feed to water had a great influence on the yield of potato wine. Good quality can be obtained under the condition that the ratio of feed to water is 3:4, the pH is 5.5, the fermentation time is 7d, the fermentation temperature is about 27℃, the inoculation amount of yeast is 2% and the addition amount of enzyme is 0.2%.


Potato, liquor, liquor liquid, brewing rate


Shudong Zhao, Qiao Lin, Liuwei Yang, Yumei Zong, Dongmei Yan and Bangzhou Luo. Study on Improving Liquor Yield of Potato Liquor Brewed by Liquid Method. Agricultural & Forestry Economics and Management (2020) Vol. 3: 25-35. DOI:


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