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The Cultural Complex in Harry Potter: Greek Culture and Hebrew Culture

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DOI: 10.23977/langl.2022.050503 | Downloads: 7 | Views: 65


Sha Liu 1, Ying Cao 1, Mengyi He 1, Ting Hu 1


1 Hunan Institute of Humanities, Science and Technology, 487 Dixing Street, Loudi, China

Corresponding Author

Sha Liu


"Harry Potter" literary series written by J•K•Rowling, a female writer from British, has been popular all over the world since its publication, and has been widely praised. This series of novels has been translated into more than 60 languages and sold more than 200 million copies. It is no longer simply a literary work loved by readers, but has evolved into a cultural phenomenon.Combined literary characteristics and their rich connotation of the Greek culture with Hebrew, this article traces their origin from the name meaning of main characters and animals, mythological prototype, story plot and so on, and analyzes how they influence on "Harry Potter" literary series.


Harry Potter, Greek culture, Hebrew culture


Sha Liu, Ying Cao, Mengyi He, Ting Hu, The Cultural Complex in Harry Potter: Greek Culture and Hebrew Culture. Lecture Notes on Language and Literature (2022) Vol. 5: 14-19. DOI:


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