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Research on urban road travel speed extraction based on mobile phone signaling data

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DOI: 10.23977/isspj.2016.11006 | Downloads: 44 | Views: 5828


Jian Zhang 1, Jie Zhang 2, Xiangwei Zeng 1, Gang Zhong 1


1 Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Urban ITS, School of Transportation, Southeast Univ.; Jiangsu Province Collaborative Innovation Center of Modern Urban Traffic Technologies; Jiangsu Province Collaborative Innovation Center for Technology and Application of Internet of Things; Research Center for Internet of Mobility, Si Pai Lou #2, Nanjing, Jiangsu 210096, China
2 Jiangsu Micro-electromechanical Technology and Application Center, China Nanjing

Corresponding Author

Jie Zhang


Matching mobile phone signaling switching data with road and extraction of road travel speed is the foundation of obtaining traffic information by using mobile phone signaling data, however, the existing matching method extracting a feature sequence has a large error, and results in a lot of waste of road test mobile phone signaling switching data. Using the location feature of mobile signaling switching place, put forward an urban road calibration and matching method based on the longest common subsequence dynamic planning. By pre-processing of mobile phone signaling data measured on the road, calculate the correlation threshold of urban road calibration sequence based on the longest common subsequence; by dynamic programming method, calculate the degree of association of the sequence that has not been matched and the road test sequence set and compare it with correlation threshold, and match cellular signaling data with urban road, then calculate the travel speed of the successful matched sequence. The result of example analysis shows that the result of the road matching and travel speed calculation is less error.


Mobile phone signaling switching data; Road matching; Travel speed; Communication network


Jian, Z. , Xiangwei, Z. , Jie, Z. and Gang, Z. (2016) Research on urban road travel speed extraction based on mobile phone signaling data. Information Systems and Signal Processing Journal (2016) 1: 31-38.


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