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Reform and Practice of "Seven-in-one" Applied Talent Training Mode for Mechanical Majors

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DOI: 10.23977/aduhe.2022.040212 | Downloads: 8 | Views: 697


Fang He 1, Renqi He 1


1 School of Robot Engineering, Yangtze Normal University, Fuling, Chongqing, China

Corresponding Author

Renqi He


The article explores the reform and innovation path of talent cultivation in local colleges and universities in view of the common problems such as asymmetry between the cultivation of applied talents and applied requirements of mechanical majors, failure of teaching contents and methods to meet the real needs, low practical application ability, weak innovation ability and weak competitive consciousness of students. In the reform of applied talents training mode of mechanical majors, this paper has improved and implemented the applied talents training mode of "theory, practice, scientific research, production, association, certification and competition" after unremittingly exploration and practice, and analyzed the connotation and innovation points of "seven-in-one" applied talents training mode of mechanical majors. The three major initiatives and seven ways to implement this model are proposed in this paper. Through the application and practice, the model is integrated into the training program. Relying on the construction of governance system and throughout the whole process of training, the students yield great results and their employment rate is improved. The improvement of the quality of training talents of mechanical majors proves that the application effect of the talent training model is remarkable, with good operability and good promotion and application value. Therefore, this model can serve as an example for the reform and innovation of training talents of mechanical majors in local colleges and universities.


seven-in-one, applied talents, cultivation mode, reform


Fang He, Renqi He, Reform and Practice of "Seven-in-one" Applied Talent Training Mode for Mechanical Majors. Adult and Higher Education (2022) Vol. 4: 87-95. DOI:


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