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Practice and Research of Design Courses for Landscape Architecture Based on BOPPPS

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DOI: 10.23977/aetp.2022.060822 | Downloads: 8 | Views: 66


Zhiwei Zhang 1, Xing Cui 2, Xiaoxiao Wang 3


1 School of Architecture and Design, Chongqing College of Humanities, Science & Technology, He chuan, Chongqing, 401520, China
2 College of Landscape Architecture and Life Science, Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences, Yongchuan, Chongqing, 402160, China
3 School of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Chongqing Metropolitan College of Science and Technology, Yongchuan, Chongqing, 402167, China

Corresponding Author

Zhiwei Zhang


By using the BOPPPS teaching model, the traditional teaching methods of landscape architecture professional design courses centered on teachers and knowledge is reformed, and a situational, interactive, and project-based teaching way is constructed, and the role of teachers in guiding and supervising is brought into play. The result verifies the effectiveness and feasibility of the teaching method based on BOPPPS in the course of landscape architecture, and at the same time respects the subject status of students and cultivates students' autonomous inquiry ability. Enhancing students' communication skills, observation and analysis skills, and improving students' ability to solve problems, and promoting students to apply the knowledge they have learned in the university.


BOPPPS, Design Curriculum, Teaching Mode


Zhiwei Zhang, Xing Cui, Xiaoxiao Wang, Practice and Research of Design Courses for Landscape Architecture Based on BOPPPS. Advances in Educational Technology and Psychology (2022) Vol. 6: 142-149. DOI:


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