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Research on the Methods of University Education in Network Perspective

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DOI: 10.23977/aduhe.2021.030411 | Downloads: 5 | Views: 870


Hong Liu 1, Cheng Tan 1,2, Hui Yu 1,3, Ramir S.Austria 1, Paul Malecdan 1


1 University of the Cordilleras, Baguio City, Philippines
2 Hebei Polytechnic Institute, Shijiazhuang City, China
3 Hebei University of Engineering, Handan City, China

Corresponding Author

Hong Liu


It is increasingly common for a large number of higher education system and university from developing and developed countries to attach greater importance to information technology nowadays. Network multimedia technology has been of great help to the development of daily lives, especially bringing great convenience and speed to life, work and study. Few would dispute that this innovative teaching method may plays a crucial role in the classroom efficiency of university education system, which has tend to become the mainstream trend of university education. Based on the characteristics of network information technology teaching, this paper tend to analyze the present situation of university education from the perspective of network, discussing how to use network information technology to develop and innovate classroom teaching approaches in university education, and some optimization suggestions are put forward.


Network vision, University education, Method research


Hong Liu, Cheng Tan, Hui Yu,Ramir S. Austria, Paul Malecdan, Research on the Methods of University Education in Network Perspective. Adult and Higher Education (2021) 3: 65-69. DOI:


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