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On the Cultivation of Students' Cultural Awareness in Senior High School English Teaching

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DOI: 10.23977/aduhe.2021.030402 | Downloads: 45 | Views: 1224


Xia Huanjun 1


1 Ganzhou Wenqing Foreign Languages School, Ganzhou 341000, China

Corresponding Author

Xia Huanjun


For a long time, senior high school English teaching has focused on knowledge imparting, and cultural awareness training is a requirement put forward in recent years. As a result, many senior high school English teachers do not know how to cultivate students' cultural awareness, nor do they know why to cultivate students' cultural awareness. In view of these phenomena, this paper will carry out relevant research, mainly discusses the importance of students' cultural awareness training, puts forward the students' cultural awareness training scheme, and expounds the application methods and functions of various strategies in the scheme.


High school english teaching, Students' cultural awareness training, Knowledge application


Xia Huanjun, On the Cultivation of Students' Cultural Awareness in Senior High School English Teaching. Adult and Higher Education (2021) 3: 6-11. DOI:


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