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Research on Teaching Model of English Phonetics Based on Big Data Environment

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DOI: 10.23977/aetp.2021.51007 | Downloads: 1 | Views: 17


Lihong Wang 1


1 Beijing Polytechnic, Beijing 100176, China

Corresponding Author

Lihong Wang


The rapid development of computer technology and network technology has led to the rapid growth of network data. The era of big data has emerged as the times require, various mobile learning apps appear, and English teaching is surrounded by multi-dimensional data. In the background of big data, English phonetics teaching is facing opportunities and challenges brought about by the new era. In the new environment, combined with the current situation of college students' pronunciation and the problems in phonetics teaching, teachers should make full use of the advantages of big data to reform phonetic teaching, use diversified methods for phonetic teaching, and innovate a new model of English phonetic teaching.


Phonetic teaching, environment of big data, teaching mode


Lihong Wang. Research on Teaching Model of English Phonetics Based on Big Data Environment. Advances in Educational Technology and Psychology (2021) Vol. 5: 46-52. DOI:


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