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Ideological and Political Construction of Accounting Courses in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.23977/aduhe.2021.030301 | Downloads: 3 | Views: 772


Xia Li 1, Yichen Du 1


1 Accounting College, Anhui University of Finance and Economics, Bengbu 233030, People’s Republic of China

Corresponding Author

Xia Li


In recent years, with the rapid development of China's social productivity and economy, high-quality economy is frequently mentioned, and the requirements for accounting talents are getting higher and higher. Ideological and political education cannot be ignored, and it is worth for universities to think about how to organically integrate ideological and political education with professional education. [1]This paper mainly takes the ideological and political education of accounting courses in colleges and universities as the research object, expounds the necessity of ideological and political construction of accounting courses, and analyzes some problems faced by colleges and universities in constructing professional courses of ideological and political construction from multiple aspects. Finally aimed at these problems from the ideological elements into professional knowledge, education teaching form of teaching, teachers' teaching assessment method of safeguard mechanism that several aspects put forward the solution to hope for the construction of accounting professional education form a valuable reference, striving to lead ideological elements throughout the accounting professional knowledge of teaching, To cultivate accounting talents with excellent conduct, excellent ability, keeping pace with The Times and possessing both talents and moral integrity required by the new era.


Accounting major, course ideological and political, teaching reform, teaching assessment


Xia Li, Yichen Du. Ideological and Political Construction of Accounting Courses in Colleges and Universities. Adult and Higher Education (2021) 3: 1-10. DOI:


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