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Research on Taijiquan Teaching Reform Based on International Communication

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DOI: 10.23977/jhms.2021.020418 | Downloads: 0 | Views: 17


Xie Zhibin 1


1 Xi’An University of Science and Technology, Shaanxi, 710054, China

Corresponding Author

Xie Zhibin


Taijiquan has formed a set of communication system suitable for its own development characteristics in the process of international communication.  This article analyzes the basic modes and laws of international spread of Taijiquan, and reflects on the current teaching status of Taijiquan.  In this way, it is helpful to reform the current teaching methods of Taijiquan, promote the continuous optimization and sustainable development of Taijiquan teaching, and further promote the international spread of Taijiquan.


Taijiquan, Wushu dissemination, International dissemination, Teaching reform


Xie Zhibin. Research on Taijiquan Teaching Reform Based on International Communication. Journal of Human Movement Science (2021) 2: 74-77. DOI:


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