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A Probe into the Necessity and Effective Path of Football Activities in Kindergartens

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DOI: 10.23977/jhms.2021.020313 | Downloads: 58 | Views: 1352


Han Dongsheng 1, Lv Hui 1


1 College of Physical Education, Shanxi University, Taiyuan, China

Corresponding Author

Lv Hui


With my country’s further emphasis on pre-school education and the support of corresponding policies, the physical and mental development of children in pre-school education has attracted much attention. Football can effectively cultivate children’s personal physical and psychological qualities. Therefore, introducing football activities into kindergartens can make In the process of learning kicking skills, children have a strong physical fitness, improve their personal physical fitness, and promote the development of their own cognitive ability. Not only that, team football activities can also cultivate children’s sense of unity and cooperation. This article explores the development of football skills activities in kindergartens, discusses the necessity and feasibility of football activities in kindergartens, and then proposes practical and effective strategies to strengthen football education in kindergartens.


Football activities, Kindergarten, Physical and mental health development


Han Dongsheng, Lv Hui. A Probe into the Necessity and Effective Path of Football Activities in Kindergartens. Journal of Human Movement Science (2021) 2: 68-71. DOI:


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