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A Probe into the Relationship between College students’Emotional Intelligence and Academic Satisfaction

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DOI: 10.23977/aduhe.2021.030106 | Downloads: 4 | Views: 998


Lv Jinghua 1,2


1 Malaysia University Of Science And Technology, Petaling Jaya 47810, Malaysia
2 Xi`An University Of Architecture And Technology, Xi`an 710055, China

Corresponding Author

Lv Jinghua


Emotional intelligence, commonly known as emotional intelligence, represents a person’s ability to control his own emotions and understand the logic of emotions. Therefore, people with high emotional intelligence can control themselves well and understand the emotions of others well. In this case, people don’t it is easy to be influenced by one's own emotions, and in most cases will maintain a sane state and make correct judgments and decisions. According to this logic, the level of emotional intelligence of college students will affect students’understanding and judgment of academic satisfaction, and will cause students to make different satisfaction decisions, indicating that there is a relationship between emotional intelligence and academic satisfaction. This article is to understand this The relationship will be studied, mainly introducing the basic framework of college students’emotional intelligence, and then constructing experimental methods to understand the relationship between emotional intelligence and academic satisfaction based on the experimental results.


College students, Emotional intelligence, Academic satisfaction


Lv Jinghua. A Probe into the Relationship between College students’Emotional Intelligence and Academic Satisfaction. Adult and Higher Education (2021) 3: 31-35. DOI:


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