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Influencing Factors of Preschool Teachers' Safety and Emergency Literacy-Based on a Grounded Theory

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DOI: 10.23977/appep.2021.020114 | Downloads: 2 | Views: 66


Lijuan Shen 1, Zhanfeng Wang 1


1 Wuyi University, Wuyishan, 354300, China

Corresponding Author

Lijuan Shen


To investigate the influencing factors and model construction of preschool teachers’ safety and emergency literacy. Methods: Using grounded theory methods to perform three-level coding and analysis of 12-person interview data, extract the factors that affect the safety and emergency literacy of preschool teachers, and construct a framework with four dimensions of individual factors, kindergarten factors, preschool teacher education factors, and social factors. The theoretical model is based on the ten core qualities of personal safety emergency awareness, personal safety emergency knowledge, personal safety emergency capability, assessment management, garden training, homeland cooperation, curriculum settings, excellent teachers, special training, and media orientation. Conclusion: Under the guidance of preschool teachers’ safety and emergency literacy, preschool education personnel training should create a good atmosphere of respecting and advocating the safety and emergency spirit in practice, build talent training goals based on ten core literacy, and implement preschool centered on the learning field The concept of educational curriculum development, the implementation of learning and education organized by practice groups, and the improvement of the project teaching system of deep integration of pre-service education and post-service education.


Preschool teacher, Safety and emergency literacy, Grounded theory


Lijuan Shen, Zhanfeng Wang. Influencing Factors of Preschool Teachers' Safety and Emergency Literacy-Based on a Grounded Theory. Applied & Educational Psychology (2021) 2: 73-78. DOI:


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