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The Role of Pad Class Teaching in the Transformation of Students' Learning Mode

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DOI: 10.23977/aetp.2021.56013 | Downloads: 9 | Views: 480


Jie Liu 1


1 School of Basic Medical Science, Xi’an Medical University, Xi’an, 710002, China

Corresponding Author

Jie Liu


“The core of classroom teaching process reform is to change” Presupposition and implementation “into” Presupposition and generation “. The exploration of generative classroom teaching mode can promote the effective generation of curriculum standards, generative resources and classroom teaching process itself. The teaching process is divided into three parts: lecture, internalization, absorption and discussion, in which teachers and students have equal rights and responsibilities” The PAD Class(Presetation-Assimilation-Discussion) has become a real double “teaching and learning” subject, which makes the classroom teaching process undergo structural changes. In this way, “Presupposition generation” is possible. In the PAD Class, it emphasizes bisection, teaching before learning, and “Presupposition generation” is realistic. The experimental data show that the PAD Class can effectively mediate the generative classroom and promote the transformation of students' learning mode.


Classroom teaching, Process reform, Pad class, Learning mode


Jie Liu. The Role of Pad Class Teaching in the Transformation of Students' Learning Mode. Advances in Educational Technology and Psychology (2021) 5: 78-82. DOI:


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