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The Ways and Methods of Ideological and Political Education for Postgraduates

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DOI: 10.23977/aetp.2021.53012 | Downloads: 101 | Views: 1461


Guangxin Liu 1


1 Jilin Engineering Normal University, Changchun, Jilin, China

Corresponding Author

Guangxin Liu


Based on the background of the Internet era, the further deepening of the Ideological and political education (IAPE) research is imminent. The community of destiny of the ideological and political curriculum is an organic body with macro structure, which is based on the fundamental principle of promoting the development of the educational theory discipline of the ideological and Political Curriculum and other members themselves, the common challenges to face, the common discourse basis, and certain value identification. This paper aims to strengthen the education of Ideological and political courses for postgraduates from the perspective of building a community of destiny of Ideological and political courses, so as to enhance the practical application of its educational theory. Starting from the concept of community, this paper analyzes in detail the concepts of community of human destiny, community of IAPE, and community of IAPE destiny; it explains the theoretical basis of constructing the community of IAPE destiny. On this basis, the IAPE of n University graduate students as the main research object, summarizes and condenses the theoretical system of students' IAPE. The full text emphasizes the effect of student assistant group on students' IAPE. Through the research of N college students' assistant group, the investigation of the actual work and the actual investigation of students, this paper summarizes the IAPE of students' assistant group in n University, and then forms a system, and puts forward relevant opinions and suggestions on the establishment of student assistant group in Colleges and Universities. Through the questionnaire survey, it is found that 89.2% of the assistant group members' dormitories have won the title of civilized dormitory, and 57.9% of the students think that the assistant group is helpful to find a job. It can be seen that the student assistant group plays a great role in the IAPE of students.


Postgraduate, IAPE, Community, Student Assistant Group


Guangxin Liu. The Ways and Methods of Ideological and Political Education for Postgraduates. Advances in Educational Technology and Psychology (2021) 5: 80-87. DOI:


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