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Research on the Problems and Improvement Strategies of Family Education Guidance in Primary and Secondary Schools

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DOI: 10.23977/aetp.2024.080112 | Downloads: 27 | Views: 307


Wen Jun 1


1 The Graduate School, Jose Rizal University, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Corresponding Author

Wen Jun


In China, family education plays a crucial role in the development of primary and secondary school students. However, the current guidance for family education faces several issues: unclear responsibilities, singular modes of guidance, and incomplete content. These problems pose challenges for students in their home-based education, limiting their overall development. The inadequacies in family education guidance are also linked to factors such as school education, practical realities, teacher capabilities, and the absence of legal frameworks. Therefore, addressing these concerns and implementing corresponding improvement strategies hold significant importance in fostering the comprehensive development of primary and secondary school students. This article delves into the problems existing in family education guidance for Chinese primary and secondary schools, examines their causes, and proposes strategies for improvement. Research identifies that issues in family education guidance primarily manifest in unclear responsibilities, singular guidance methods, and incomplete content. The roots of these problems stem from improper handling of the relationship between schools and family education, constraints imposed by practical realities on educational practices, inadequate capabilities of teachers in providing family education guidance, and the lack of legal mechanisms holding individuals accountable for family education. To tackle these challenges, suggestions include the update of educational ideologies, strengthening parental involvement in school affairs, establishing parental committees, and enriching the content of family education guidance.


Primary and secondary schools; family education guidance; improvement strategies


Wen Jun, Research on the Problems and Improvement Strategies of Family Education Guidance in Primary and Secondary Schools. Advances in Educational Technology and Psychology (2024) Vol. 8: 94-100. DOI:


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