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The Exploration of Quality Assurance for Student Learning Experience in Blended and Online Teaching

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DOI: 10.23977/aduhe.2023.051908 | Downloads: 2 | Views: 214


Junting Nie 1


1 Xinyang Vocational and Technical College, Xinyang, Henan, 464000, China

Corresponding Author

Junting Nie


This paper will first introduce the background and overview of blended learning and online teaching, including their definition, characteristics, and current development and application status. Then, the paper will delve into the importance and influencing factors of students' learning experience, explicating its concept and significance, as well as identifying the factors that affect students' learning experiences. Next, the focus will shift to exploring methods for ensuring the quality of student learning experiences in blended learning and online teaching environments. This will involve discussing the design of effective courses and teaching materials, the provision of flexible learning methods and support systems, the creation of a positive learning environment and atmosphere, and the establishment of timely feedback and evaluation mechanisms. Finally, the paper will summarize the research findings and propose conclusions. Through the research in this paper, some beneficial insights can be provided for educational institutions and teachers on how to ensure the quality of students' learning experience in blended and online teaching, promoting innovation and improvement in education and teaching.


Learning experience; Hybrid and online teaching; quality assurance


Junting Nie, The Exploration of Quality Assurance for Student Learning Experience in Blended and Online Teaching. Adult and Higher Education (2023) Vol. 5: 62-67. DOI:


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