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Integration Research of Integrity Education and Ideological and Political Education in Higher Education

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DOI: 10.23977/aduhe.2023.051907 | Downloads: 3 | Views: 277


Lili Wang 1, Yuwei Yan 1


1 School of Business, Taishan University, Taian, Shandong, China

Corresponding Author

Lili Wang


In the current educational landscape, integrity education and ideological and political education have emerged as crucial topics in higher education, deeply intertwined with students' holistic development and the long-term well-being of society. This paper delves into the theoretical foundations, practical models, and effectiveness assessment of integrating integrity education with ideological and political education in higher education institutions. Through a comprehensive analysis of existing literature and case studies, the study elaborates on the necessity and implementation pathways of integrating integrity education with ideological and political education. The research reveals that this integration not only effectively enhances students' personal moral qualities and sense of social responsibility but also contributes to the improvement of their comprehensive competencies and critical thinking skills. The paper also underscores practical considerations, such as innovative curriculum design, diversified teaching methods, and the refinement of assessment mechanisms. Furthermore, it presents a series of concrete recommendations and future development directions, aiming to provide higher education institutions with more effective strategies and references for implementing the integration of integrity education and ideological and political education. These recommendations encompass strengthening faculty development, optimizing curriculum content, innovating teaching approaches, and enhancing experiential learning. The ultimate goal is to cultivate outstanding individuals with strong moral values and a sense of social responsibility within higher education institutions.


Integrity education, integration pathways, practical strategie, theory of integrity education


Lili Wang, Yuwei Yan, Integration Research of Integrity Education and Ideological and Political Education in Higher Education. Adult and Higher Education (2023) Vol. 5: 55-61. DOI:


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