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"Wu" and "Yi"—The Naxi Ethnic Medicine of Divine and Medicinal Dual Interpretations

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DOI: 10.23977/jsoce.2023.051010 | Downloads: 5 | Views: 330


Mingrui Chen 1


1 Nanjing Foreign Language School, Nanjing, Jiangsu, 210000, China

Corresponding Author

Mingrui Chen


In the context of globalization, ethnic medicine, as a part of traditional medicine, has been greatly affected in terms of its continuity and diversity. With the changes in the Naxi ethnic society and economic environment, the traditional Dongba culture has also undergone continuous transformations. Naxi people, facing physical and mental discomfort, have turned to the combination of "wu" (shamanism) and "Yi"(ethnic medicine,as well as the role of doctor), emphasizing the importance of the Naxi ethnic medicine culture that interprets the divine and medicinal aspects. Developing specific policies for the protection and inheritance of ethnic medicine culture and adapting strategies to local conditions are crucial steps towards the dynamic preservation and development of Naxi ethnic medicine.


Naxi; Ethnic medicine; Mental and medicinal dual Interpretations


Mingrui Chen, "Wu" and "Yi"—The Naxi Ethnic Medicine of Divine and Medicinal Dual Interpretations. Journal of Sociology and Ethnology (2023) Vol. 5: 76-82. DOI:


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