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Innovative Application of Elements of Traditional Chinese Culture in Modern Corporate Image Design

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DOI: 10.23977/artpl.2023.041002 | Downloads: 69 | Views: 435


Zhen Lin 1, Chunyi Li 1


1 Hainan Economic and Trade Vocational and Technical College, Haikou, 571127, China

Corresponding Author

Zhen Lin


Traditional Chinese culture is an important component of the long history and culture of the Chinese nation, possessing rich connotations and unique charm. With the development of the economy and cultural exchange, elements of traditional Chinese culture have been widely applied in modern corporate image design. Corporate image constitutes a significant part of a company and plays a crucial role in its reputation and development in the eyes of the public. Therefore, the skillful integration of traditional Chinese cultural elements into modern corporate image design has become a vital subject in contemporary corporate image design. This paper focuses on innovative applications of cultural elements to explore the creative utilization of traditional Chinese culture in modern corporate image design, aiming to provide new insights and directions for corporate image design. 


Traditional Chinese culture; corporate image design; innovative application of elements


Zhen Lin, Chunyi Li, Innovative Application of Elements of Traditional Chinese Culture in Modern Corporate Image Design. Art and Performance Letters (2023) Vol. 4: 7-13. DOI:


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