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The Integration of Ethnic Culture and Modernity in High School Dance Teaching

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DOI: 10.23977/artpl.2023.040916 | Downloads: 6 | Views: 341


Hengwu Zeng 1


1 Lonhui No. 1 High School of Hunan Province, Shaoyang, Hunan, 422200, China

Corresponding Author

Hengwu Zeng


Ethnic dance represents the national cultural characteristics of our country. Ethnic dance encompasses strong ethnic characteristics and customs, as well as the beliefs of various ethnic groups. Therefore, ethnic dance is very different from other dances. This article analyzes the problems in the integration of ethnic culture and modernity in high school dance teaching, and adopts strategies to address the problems that arise. Improvements have been made mainly in three aspects: firstly, to improve the efficiency of dance creation, secondly, to cultivate more innovative talents, and finally, to break through the limitations of surface forms. For ethnic dance, its overall performance is relatively slow, giving people a sense of relief and endless meaning. However, modern dance pays more attention to the weight and density of movements, and each side has its own unique expression skills. Therefore, in the process of integration and development, it is necessary to preserve its own characteristics, analyze the expression skills of the two, and appropriately draw on them to enrich the artistic form and content of dance.


High school; Dance teaching; Ethnicity; Modernity; Fuse


Hengwu Zeng, The Integration of Ethnic Culture and Modernity in High School Dance Teaching. Art and Performance Letters (2023) Vol. 4: 86-90. DOI:


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