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The Study on Single-Phase Adaptive Reclosure of Transmission Lines with Series Capacitance

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DOI: 10.23977/poweet.2017.11004 | Downloads: 10 | Views: 2765


Liu Qiao 1, Yao Tian-liang 1, Liang Zhen-feng 2, Yang Xiao-ping 2


1 China Energy Engineering Group Gansu Electric Power Design Institute CO.,LTD,Lan Zhou,China
2 Institute of Resources and hydro-electric Engineering, Xi 'An University of Technology Xi 'An, China

Corresponding Author

Liu Qiao


To solve the problem of single-phase adaptive reclose in line with series compensation, this paper proposes a criterion using the different frequency components belonged to the recovery voltage to defect transient faults and permanent faults. Firstly, this paper analysis the frequency characteristics after fault-phase circuit breaker tripped in single-phase ground fault, establishes the recovery voltage identification model including the DC component and each component. When single-phase-to-ground fault occurs and both sides of the circuit breaker open, the recovery voltage as a known quantity, each frequency component is obtained by least square fitting. The amplitudes of various frequency components are adopted to distinguish the permanent faults from transient faults. Through theoretical analysis and PSCAD simulation show that the criterion is correct and effective and can detect the nature of single-phase fault quickly. 


Power system, Series compensation, Recovery voltage, Least square fitting, Single-phase adaptive reclosure.


Qiao, L. , Tian-liang, Y. , Zhen-feng, L. , Xiao-ping, Y. The Study on Single-Phase Adaptive Reclosure of Transmission Lines with Series Capacitance. International Journal of Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics (2017) 1: 25-31.


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