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The application of life-rebuilding based occupational therapy practice model in community rehabilitation

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DOI: 10.23977/phpm.2023.030403 | Downloads: 29 | Views: 430


Zhang Guodong 1, Cao Ran 1, Wang Zongbao 1,2


1 Anhui University of Chinese Medicine, Hefei, China
2 Anhui Province Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine (The Third Affliated Hospital of Anhui University of Chinese Medicine), Hefei, China

Corresponding Author

Wang Zongbao


Reconstructing life as the basis of occupational therapy practice is a set of recovery of physical function, improve life ability and happiness ability as one of the new concept of rehabilitation proposed by Hong Kong senior occupational therapist Professor Liang, the main goal is to rebuild the patient's life will, life ability and lifestyle. This paper believes that this model can play a good role in community rehabilitation. This model is to help the sick and disabled recover their physical functions by taking certain measures to rebuild life and work in the community, and to help them regain confidence and return to society to the greatest extent. This paper aims to summarize and analyze the conceptual framework and application paradigm of the life-rebuilding model in the process of community rehabilitation therapy, sort out the treatment experience and improve the concept of community rehabilitation, and provide new ideas for the clinical practice of community rehabilitation occupational therapy.


Community rehabilitation, rebuild your life, occupational, therapy, practice pattern


Zhang Guodong, Cao Ran, Wang Zongbao, The application of life-rebuilding based occupational therapy practice model in community rehabilitation. MEDS Public Health and Preventive Medicine (2023) Vol. 3: 17-24. DOI:


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