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Research on Simulation and Control Strategy of Doubly - fed Wind Power Generation System

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DOI: 10.23977/poweet.2017.11002 | Downloads: 52 | Views: 5746


Hong Ai 1, Jin Bai 1


1 Institute of Problem Solving, Harbin University of Science and Technology, No.52 Xuefu Road, Harbin, China

Corresponding Author

Hong Ai


The new energy research and development of the development and utilization of wind power system is the focus and hot spots of the world. DFIG (Double-fed Induction Generator) has become the main object of wind power research with its unique operating characteristics. Decoupling Control of Active Power and Reactive Power of Doubly-Fed Machines is a Key Issue in the Research and Development of Wind Power Generation Technology. In this paper, the dual-PWM converter controlled variable speed constant frequency power generation system, the use of wind energy under different wind speeds, combined with the maximum wind energy tracking, to improve the traditional controller performance[1]. The stator flux-oriented DFIG generation vector control strategy with adaptive proportional resonance (PR) is proposed. The power decoupling regulation is realized by controlling the frequency, phase and amplitude of rotor current. The modeling and simulations of the DFIG power generation operation control system are carried out by Matlab. The results verify the correctness and effectiveness of the strategy and control method.


Double-fed Induction Generator, Control Strategy, Power decoupling strategy.


Ai, H. , Bai, J. Research on Simulation and Control Strategy of Doubly - fed Wind Power Generation System. International Journal of Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics (2017) 1: 11-15.


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