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Research on Countermeasures of Rural Revitalization Assisted by Science and Technology Finance

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DOI: 10.23977/accaf.2023.040104 | Downloads: 10 | Views: 426


Yang Liu 1


1 Department of Economics, Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology, Shenyang, Liaoning, 110167, China

Corresponding Author

Yang Liu


For the past few years, the development of rural areas has been lagged behind, and the gap between urban and rural areas has been widening. For solving the problems of economic backwardness and inadequate public services in rural areas, the Chinese government has launched the rural rejuvenation strategy. For this purpose, the development of science and technology finance is an important part of the rural revitalization strategy, which plays a key role in promoting the sustainable development of rural areas. This paper makes an in-depth analysis of the current situation of science and technology finance in China's rural areas and puts forward countermeasures for rural science and technology finance to facilitate the revitalization of rural areas, such as strengthening government support, improving the legal system, and promoting the application of financial technology.


Rural rejuvenation, science and technology finance, countermeasures, agricultural intelligence, rural revitalization strategy


Yang Liu, Research on Countermeasures of Rural Revitalization Assisted by Science and Technology Finance. Accounting, Auditing and Finance (2023) Vol. 4: 23-30. DOI:


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