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Research on Promoting the Development of Innovative Food Culture Museums—Take Tangshan Feast Food Culture Museum as an Example

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DOI: 10.23977/tmte.2023.060302 | Downloads: 63 | Views: 684


Shengxian Ma 1, Hongwei Chen 1


1 College of Pharmacy, North China University of Technology, Tangshan, 063210, China

Corresponding Author

Shengxian Ma


The "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Reform and Development of Museums" and other documents issued in 2021 clearly propose to stimulate the innovative vitality of museums, implement the "museum+" strategy, accelerate the digitization of collections, and optimize communication services, pointing out the direction for the activation and utilization of museum cultural relics. In order to solve the problems of traditional museums being detached from the development of the times, low innovation in their models, and difficulty in driving the improvement of regional soft power, Tangshan City took the lead in putting it into practice: creating the first museum in Hebei Province that can be "eaten" - Tangshan Banquet. By innovating the existing mechanisms of museums and integrating them with food, culture, and tourism, a new consumption model can be formed. By leveraging the unique advantages and economic value of innovative museums, regional economic development can be driven, and industrial content can be diversified. At the same time, Hebei will be promoted to build an innovative province and promote its multifaceted development.


Innovation; Museum; Culture; Tangshan Banquet


Shengxian Ma, Hongwei Chen, Research on Promoting the Development of Innovative Food Culture Museums—Take Tangshan Feast Food Culture Museum as an Example. Tourism Management and Technology Economy (2023) Vol. 6: 14-24. DOI:


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