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Load Balancing Algorithm for Web Server Based on Weighted Minimal Connections

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DOI: 10.23977/jwsa.2017.11001 | Downloads: 56 | Views: 6864


Pan Zhu 1, Jiangxing Zhang 1


1 College of Information Engineering, Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou, China

Corresponding Author

Pan Zhu


We have analyzed the clustering technology of Web server and studid the load balancing algorithm, due the lack of  the existing load balancing algorithm can not accurately reflecting the size of the server load and manually setting the weight and other aspects, in this paper ,we propose an improved weighted minimum join Improved Load Balancing Algorithm for Web server cluster. On the one hand,The algorithm takes into account server utilization, memory utilization and network bandwidth mutilation and other factors, combined with web server’s own characteristics,Accouding to the real-time load of the server to dynamically change the size of the weight, and on the other hand, assigns the new connection request according to the weighted minimum connection number algorithm. Through the use of simulation software OPNET, the algorithm not only reduces server latency, reduces HTTP response time,and can effectively improve the load balancing efficiency.


Web server cluster, Dynamic feedback, Load balancing, Weighted minimal connection number algorithm, OPNET.


Pan, Z. , Jiangxing Z. (2017) Load Balancing Algorithm for Web Server Based on Weighted Minimal Connections. Journal of Web Systems and Applications (2017) 1: 1-8.


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