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The Epidemiological Principle of Sewage is the Prevention and Control of the New Coronavirus

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DOI: 10.23977/erej.2023.070304 | Downloads: 2 | Views: 365


Yingying Geng 1, Jiamin Tan 1, Shanxin Zhao 1


1 School of Economics and Management, Guangdong University of Technology, Zhaoqing, Guangdong, 526070, China

Corresponding Author

Yingying Geng


The main purpose of our research is whether we can form an epidemic through sewage discharge and pipeline placement in the new crown virus epidemic, And whether it leads to the occurrence of the new crown virus epidemic, Which has a huge impact on the global environment and economy, Discuss whether the distribution of sampling points for wastewater monitoring in the united states is reasonable? how to prevent and control sewage and control the occurrence of the new crown epidemic, First, Establish the responsibility and obligation of human beings - the impact of protecting the environment on the occurrence of epidemics, Second, Establish a corporate culture to reduce the changes in sewage discharge to the environment, Third, Take a positive view of environmental change from a strategic perspective, Give early warning to the local government, Predict the epidemic and its severity, And propose prevention and control measures.


Coronavirus pandemic, Principles of sewage epidemiology, Sewage discharge


Yingying Geng, Jiamin Tan, Shanxin Zhao, The Epidemiological Principle of Sewage is the Prevention and Control of the New Coronavirus. Environment, Resource and Ecology Journal (2023) Vol. 7: 26-32. DOI:


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