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Design of Reconfigurable Power Amplifier Based on Smith Chart Matching

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DOI: 10.23977/jeis.2023.080108 | Downloads: 14 | Views: 239


Wang Yuecheng 1


1 Armed Police Non-commissioned Officer School, Hangzhou, China

Corresponding Author

Wang Yuecheng


In the architecture of the communication network, the signal passes through various devices and finally reaches the destination terminal. This involves relaying and amplifying the signal, and the power amplifier is the core device in this process and the foundation of the communication system. With the continuous development of communication technology, spectrum resources are becoming increasingly tight, and the principle of fixed frequency band allocation has resulted in underutilized spectrum resources. To make full use of spectrum resources, the realization of the reconfigurable capability of power amplifiers will be studied in the future Focus. Then introduced a power amplifier designed by using Smith chart matching of GaN devices. The reconfigurable aspects of the designed power amplifier are studied. The use of PIN diodes enables the design of reconfigurable switches. Simulate the reconfigurable matching network, through the analysis of the simulation results, realize the switch function, and meet the design requirements. Finally, the input and output matching network and the reconfigurable matching network are tuned and optimized. The simulation results show that the power amplifier can switch between 1680MHz, 1935MHz, and 2040MHz frequency bands, the output power can reach 40-43dBm, and the efficiency is 70%-80%.


Power amplifier; GaN device; PIN switch; Reconfigurable; Multi-band


Wang Yuecheng, Design of Reconfigurable Power Amplifier Based on Smith Chart Matching. Journal of Electronics and Information Science (2023) Vol. 8: 56-66. DOI:


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