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School Hospital Management System Based on WeChat Platform

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DOI: 10.23977/infkm.2022.030205 | Downloads: 360 | Views: 1956


Minghui Wang 1, Yanyan Chen 2


1 College of Applied Science and Technology, Beijing Union University, Beijing, China
2 Institute of Mathematics and Physics, Beijing Union University, Beijing, China

Corresponding Author

Yanyan Chen


In order to provide a convenient platform for school students to visit the hospital and simplify the previously complicated and tedious process of visiting the hospital, we decided to develop and design a school hospital management system based on the WeChat applet. The WeChat applet is based on the MVC framework model, which can make the input, output and processing of the program separate and the division of labor at each level is clear. The system can be divided into two parts: the user side and the management side, which can realize the daily temperature reporting and advance registration of school students, while the doctor can view the registration information from the user side, make diagnosis and manage medicine, etc. Starting from the management and daily work of the school hospital, the overall goal is to use the best computer technology and mature management system in our society, to renovate and upgrade the school's internal medical office, so that it can provide better services and build a "smart school hospital".


WeChat applet, school hospital management system, smart school hospital


Minghui Wang, Yanyan Chen, School Hospital Management System Based on WeChat Platform. Information and Knowledge Management (2022) Vol. 3: 30-36. DOI:


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