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Financial Technology under the Background of China Merchants Bank Retail Business Transformation Analysis

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DOI: 10.23977/ieim.2022.051204 | Downloads: 11 | Views: 354


Xiameng Wu 1


1 Department of Finance, Jiangxi Normal University, 99 Ziyang Avenue, Nanchang, China

Corresponding Author

Xiameng Wu


Nowadays, under the influence of the new normal of the economy and the marketization of interest rates, the traditional corporate business of commercial banks is no longer grand, and the transformation of commercial banks has become inevitable. With the deepening development of financial technology, all major commercial banks have joined the team of retail business transformation. The competition is in full swing, but China Merchants Bank has been able to break out of the tight encirclement and successfully transform. Therefore, in the context of financial science and technology, taking the retail business transformation of China Merchants Bank, the "king of retail", as an example, this paper analyzes the retail business transformation measures of China Merchants Bank from four directions: product, marketing, operation and risk control. On the basis of financial technology related theories, this paper first combs the background and specific measures of China Merchants Bank's retail business transformation, and then summarizes the successful experience of China Merchants Bank, such as financial technology optimization strategy, multi-channel construction of intelligent upgrading, innovative products and services, and the establishment of intelligent risk control system, in order to give other commercial banks some inspiration in the transformation of retail business.


Financial Technology, Retail Business, Strategic Transformation


Xiameng Wu, Financial Technology under the Background of China Merchants Bank Retail Business Transformation Analysis. Industrial Engineering and Innovation Management (2022) Vol. 5: 27-33. DOI:


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