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New Progress in Pharmacochemistry of Anti Enterovirus 71

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DOI: 10.23977/medsc.2022.030411 | Downloads: 7 | Views: 112


Honggao Duan 1


1 School of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Benxi, Liaoning Province, 117004, PR China

Corresponding Author

Honggao Duan


Although great progress has been made in the research and development of new drugs against enterovirus 71, the prevention and treatment of enterovirus 71 still relies on vaccines in most cases.Therefore, it is an urgent task to speed up the research and development of anti enterovirus 71 drugs. With the development and integration of multiple disciplines, the research and development directions of anti enterovirus 71 drugs are more diverse.At present, there are further research results on the crystal structure of capsid protein and some key proteases in clinical research. In the future development of anti enterovirus drugs, we can continue to design reasonably on this basis.In this paper, through consulting the relevant literature in recent years, the chemical research of antienterovirus 71 was summarized and analyzed, in order to provide reference for related people.


Enterovirus 71, Capsid protein inhibitor, Anti virus, Therapeutic drugs


Honggao Duan, New Progress in Pharmacochemistry of Anti Enterovirus 71. MEDS Clinical Medicine (2022) Vol. 3: 71-75. DOI:


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