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Signal Tuning Scheme Design of Zhongshan Street in Yinchuan City

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DOI: 10.23977/ieim.2020.030101 | Downloads: 20 | Views: 2150


Mengyuan Han 1


1 School of Shanghai Maritime University, College of Transport and Communications, Shanghai, 201306, China

Corresponding Author

Mengyuan Han


With the accelerated pace of people's lives and works, traffic congestion, traffic accidents and traffic emissions have become one of the most important topics in the major cities of China in the last few years. The arterial coordination control method is one of the important methods to reduce traffic pollution, improve traffic efficiency and relieve traffic pressure. This paper will take traffic signal tuning scheme design of Zhongshan Street of Yinchuan city as the goal to design a group-based arterial coordinated control scheme. In the course of the study, the traditional algebraic method of signal coordination control theory and the traffic simulation software  Synchro (Simtraffic) are used to develop the traffic control strategy for Zhongshan street, After the simulation, the results of the two schemes are compared with stops and travel time.The results show that this paper provides a feasible solution to alleviate the traffic congestion, improve traffic efficiency, reduce traffic pollution and reduce traffic accidents of Zhongshan street.


traffic congestion, arterial coordinated control, traffic simulation, signal optimization, evaluation indicators


Mengyuan Han. Signal Tuning Scheme Design of Zhongshan Street in Yinchuan City. Industrial Engineering and Innovation Management (2020) 3: 1-13. DOI:


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