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Industrial chain structure, market competitive advantage and Manufacturing industrial chain financing

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DOI: 10.23977/transf.2019.11001 | Downloads: 17 | Views: 3402


Wang Peng 1


1 School of Economics and Management, Dalian University, No.10, Xuefu Avenue, Economic & Technical Development Zone, Dalian, Liaoning,The People's Republic of China(PRC)

Corresponding Author

Wang Peng


Based on the statistical data of 500 Manufacturing enterprises in jilin province of China, a two-stage model and a two-stage model were used to quantitatively study the influence of the structure of the Manufacturing industry chain and the market competitive advantage on the financing quality and benefit of the large-scale Manufacturing industry chain. The research results show that the industrial chain structure of leading enterprises or intermediary organizations can help paper enterprises to increase the financing scale of the industrial chain and improve the financing efficiency of the industrial chain. Then this study based on the price game analysis ability and the alternative double observes Manufacturing enterprise market competitive advantage as the scale of the role of internal and external financing of the industry chain, empirical studies have found that the size Manufacturing enterprise market competitive advantage has a significant positive influence on its Manufacturing industry chain financing: Manufacturing industry scale, fixed assets are depreciated value, stable income expectations about factors such as degree can scale Manufacturing enterprise the quality and effectiveness of the industrial chain of external financing; Factors such as farmers' management ability, personal credit rating and production type have significant restraining effects on the internal financing of the industrial chain.


Industrial chain structure pattern; Market competitive advantage; Paper industry chain financing; Large-scale paper making enterprise


Wang Peng, Industrial chain structure, market competitive advantage and Manufacturing industrial chain financing. Transactions on Forestry (2019) 1: 1-6. DOI:


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