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Case And Evaluation of Lean Management in Hospital Blood Collection Center

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DOI: 10.23977/ieim.2019.21008 | Downloads: 31 | Views: 1884


Xinzhu Yu 1, Siqi Zhang 1, Dongyuan Ma 1


1 Business school, Sichuan University, Chengdu, 610000, China

Corresponding Author

Xinzhu Yu


Blood collection center is an important department of Hospital clinic, so its medical service quality is meaningful for hospital management. In order to improve the blood collection environment, reduce patient queuing time, improve work efficiency and service quality, a large hospital in a city of China adopted the idea of lean management to improve process, optimize blood collection process and evaluate it. Lean management and value stream analysis method were used to solve the waste problem in the process. The waiting time of patients was calculated. At the same time, Patient satisfaction questionnaire was designed to identify the dissatisfied factors of patients in the process of blood collection service and to assess the effect after renovation. The operation mode of demand-driven service in blood collection center was established, and the average waiting time of patients was reduced from 35.3 minutes to 6.8 minutes. At the same time, through questionnaire survey, patient satisfaction was significantly improved. This lean management has achieved success in the renovation of blood collection centers. Lean management is a very successful experiment, extending from the initial management practice in manufacturing production system to the medical industry. It can be used for reference to improve the quality of medical services.


Medical service quality, lean management, blood collection center, questionnaire


Xinzhu Yu, Siqi Zhang and Dongyuan Ma, Case And Evaluation of Lean Management in Hospital Blood Collection Center. Industrial Engineering and Innovation Management (2019) 2: 59-68. DOI:


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