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Modal Testing Technology Based on Geological Rock Mineral Analysis

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DOI: 10.23977/erej.2022.060208 | Downloads: 6 | Views: 320


Zhe Liu 1, Jiajing Li 1, Fengying Guo 1


1 School of Petroleum Engineering, Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology, Maoming 525000, Guangdong, China

Corresponding Author

Zhe Liu


With the continuous development of China's national economy, mining industry and related industries have made unprecedented progress. Rock and mineral analysis and identification is the basis and premise of various geological work, and has a very important guiding role. The purpose of this study is to analyze the minerals in geological rocks by modal test techniques. In this study, geological rocks of Nishiyama bay were selected as experimental objects. Local cores, debris, rock mineral block samples, rock mineral powder or soil samples were collected, then crushed, sorted, mixed, divided, prepared, and then tested quantitatively and quantitatively to determine the effective chemical composition of the rocks and minerals. Data is sorted and analyzed through modal analysis and test techniques of this research. The results show that the epidote minerals are the highest in the three mineral areas (10.30% ~ 55.94%, with an average content of 29.73%). The relative content of quartz is distributed in each percentage range. The number of samples distributed in the range of 40% ~ 50%, feldspar in the range of 10% ~ 20% is the largest, with 2865 samples, and dolomite minerals with the largest number in the range of 0%~10%. It is concluded that the modal testing technology in this study is very detailed and accurate for the analysis of geological rocks and minerals. This study contributes to the development of geological work.


Geological Rock, Mineral Analysis, Modal Analysis, Testing Technology


Zhe Liu, Jiajing Li and Fengying Guo, Modal Testing Technology Based on Geological Rock Mineral Analysis. Environment, Resource and Ecology Journal (2022) Vol. 6: 59-75. DOI:


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