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Empirical Study on the Impact of Environmental Regulation on Enterprise Environmental Investment

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DOI: 10.23977/erej.2022.060207 | Downloads: 7 | Views: 301


Yanping Bai 1, Siyang Chen 1


1 School of Management, Capital Normal University, Beijing, China

Corresponding Author

Yanping Bai


Environmental regulation effect on enterprise investment is of great importance to environmental protection, the different types of environmental regulation on enterprise environmental protection investment is to play A different use for 2009 data a-share listed companies in China in 2018 as sample, empirical study on the two categories of environmental regulation on the influence of the environmental protection investment, namely the explicit and implicit environmental regulation impact on enterprise environmental protection investment respectively the research results show that the dominant environmental regulation in the command control the intensity of environmental regulation and enterprise presents inverted u-shaped relationship between the scale of investment in environmental protection, There is a U-shaped relationship between the intensity of market-oriented environmental regulation and the scale of enterprises' environmental investment. The recessive environmental regulation is positively correlated with the scale of enterprises' environmental investment. The conclusion of this study reveals the effects of different types of environmental regulations on enterprises' environmental protection investment and provides a reference basis for governments to promote enterprises' environmental protection investment by combining various types of environmental regulations.


Empirical Study, Environmental Regulation, Enterprise Environmental Investment


Yanping Bai, Siyang Chen, Empirical Study on the Impact of Environmental Regulation on Enterprise Environmental Investment. Environment, Resource and Ecology Journal (2022) Vol. 6: 47-58. DOI:


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