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Analysis of Influencing Factors of Cold Chain Logistics Cost of Dairy Products

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DOI: 10.23977/ieim.2022.050201 | Downloads: 18 | Views: 344


Xiawei Zhong 1, Zijuan Wen 1, Leiyang Wei 1, Wenjie Xu 1, Yingjie Zhang 1, Longfei Yu 1, Lin Xue 2


1 School of Economics and Management, Minjiang University, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
2 School of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creation, Minjiang University, Fuzhou, Fujian, China

Corresponding Author

Lin Xue


Alongside the gradual improvement of the market position of dairy cold chain logistics, the cold chain transportation technology used in the logistics industry has also been taken to a whole-new level. There exists a fundamental contradiction between the rigorous requirements of dairy products for temperature control and the low level of development of cold chain logistics, and this contradiction is one of the reasons for the high costs of dairy cold chain logistics. To address this contradiction, we established an indicator system of factors influencing the costs of dairy cold chain logistics from three dimensions of dairy product characteristics, transportation process and cold chain logistics market, and invited managers from dairy companies and transportation professors from relevant universities to probe into the corresponding weights and to pin down the appropriate scores for indicators at all levels. Then we harnessed the AHP method to calculate the important weights for indicators at all levels, and eventually put forward the optimal solution for cutting the costs of cold chain logistics through weight difference analysis.


Dairy products, Cold chain, Logistics cost, AHP


Xiawei Zhong, Zijuan Wen, Leiyang Wei, Wenjie Xu, Yingjie Zhang, Longfei Yu, and Lin Xue, Analysis of Influencing Factors of Cold Chain Logistics Cost of Dairy Products. Industrial Engineering and Innovation Management (2022) Vol. 5: 1-8. DOI:


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