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Discussions of Medication Rule of Chief Physician Xu Jianqin in the Treatment of Bi Disease Based on Data Mining

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DOI: 10.23977/phpm.2022.020204 | Downloads: 3 | Views: 162


Yuemei Liu 1, Xiaofeng Zhang 1, Houli Liu 1, Li He 1, Shuang Liu 1, Ting Zhou 1, Deng Qin 1, Jianqin Xu 2


1 Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine, Xianyang, 712046, China
2 Shaanxi Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Xi’an, 710000, China

Corresponding Author

Jianqin Xu


Objective: To provide new ideas for clinical diagnosis and treatment of arthralopathy through data mining of professor Xu Jianqin's characteristics of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) drug use in the treatment of arthralopathy, in order to provide data support for the inheritance of famous TCM experience. Methods: The effective prescriptions of professor Xu Jianqin of Changan Mi school in outpatient department for the treatment of Bi disease from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2021 were collected, and standardized input was conducted by the TCM inheritance auxiliary platform system (V2.5), and the frequency of medication, the meridian, sexual and flavors, and the rule of prescription composition were analyzed. Results: A total of 102 prescriptions of Bi disease were included, involving 117 TCMs. Among them, the first 8 TCMs were Salt eucommia ulmoides, Vinegar corydalis yanhusuo, Dioscorea collettii, Salt semen plantaginis, Acorus tatarinowii, Lindera aggregate, Smilax glabra, Ground beeltle. The proportion of warm drugs and sweet taste drugs was higher, and the main channels of TCM frequency > 300 were foot Jue Yin liver meridian (26.50%), foot Shaoyin kidney meridian (18.33%), foot taiyin spleen meridian (13.36%), hand taiyin lung meridian (9.12%). Four core TCM combinations and two new prescriptions were obtained. Conclusion: The application of TCM inheritance auxiliary platform software to explore and analyze professor Xu Jianqin's TCM characteristic experience in treating Bi disease. This research demonstrates professor Xu Jianqin's scientific treatment of Bi disease from two aspects of TCM inheritance theory and modern pharmacology, and provides a research basis for clinical differentiation, treatment of arthralgia, optimization of diagnosis, treatment scheme, research and development of new drugs.


Bi disease, Data Mining, Medication rule, Xu Jianqin


Yuemei Liu, Xiaofeng Zhang, Houli Liu, Li He, Shuang Liu, Ting Zhou, Deng Qin, Jianqin Xu, Discussions of Medication Rule of Chief Physician Xu Jianqin in the Treatment of Bi Disease Based on Data Mining. MEDS Public Health and Preventive Medicine (2022) Vol. 2: 20-29. DOI:


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